Media and Non-Commercial Organisations

Item Price
Web Link Sponsorship 500,00 EUR
Display of Literature 500,00 EUR

Networking Opportunities

Item Price
Delegate Coffee Break Sponsorship/per day 1.000,00 EUR
Coffee Break Lux at the Exhibition Sponsorship/per day 1.500,00 EUR
Lunch Gold Exclusive Sponsorship/per day 2.000,00 EUR
Lunch Silver Partial Sponsorship/per day 1.000,00 EUR
Drink Reception during Poster Session Sponsorship/per session day 700,00 EUR
Welcome Reception Gold Exclusive Sposorship 5.000,00 EUR
Welcome Reception Silver Partial Sponsorship 2.000,00 EUR
Gala Dinner Silver Partial Sponsorship 2.000,00 EUR

Onsite Branding

Item Price
Registration Area Sponsorship 5.000,00 EUR
Conference Bag Sponsorship 2.500,00 EUR
Conference Badge Sponsorship 2.500,00 EUR
Sponsor's Logo on Coffee Cups (excl. cup's cost) 900,00 EUR
Sponsor's Banner Display outside Catering Tent 1.500,00 EUR

Scientific Programme Support

Item Price
Poster Prize Sponsorship 500,00 EUR